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Uzbekistan was the node of the ancient Silk Road. Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand are the most popular towns. I could not expect that this country would have surprised my so much. Here I have the best itinerary crafted for you. International flights generally

Dubai Expo 2020 has been defined as the most spectacular event of recent years and I decided to explore it to give you all the information you need for your visit. DID YOU KNOW THAT? - People flying Emirates have a free

Our trip in Puglia starts from Bari, the capital of the Region. We experienced immediately the Apulia hospitality. Our host Patrizia was waiting for us in our beautiful apartment fully furnished. She owns few flats across the town and I had

It is almost impossible to list the offer in terms of flavours and dishes that the Region of Campania has to offer. Typically well known for Mozzarella production, there is a long list of other kind of cheeses, local vegetables kissed

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most visited areas in Italy. It is included in the tours for people coming from all over the world due to its glamour and charm. It's easy to spot actors and VIPs while

If you have been to Italy you might already know that food and wine play a very important role in our culture. Every single region has a long list of specialities to try. This is also one of the main