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The Amalfi Coast is one of the most visited areas in Italy. It is included in the tours for people coming from all over the world due to its glamour and charm. It’s easy to spot actors and VIPs while walking around in the picturesque alleys of Positano, Amalfi or Sorrento.

This areas has been on my list since ling time, but due to the high demand and the crowds, I have never found the right moment to explore it. At the same time, being very touristic, I had to research a lot in order to spot authentic experiences and some hidden gems.

Summer 2020. The perfect moment to try to go there. Since 10 years I missed the vibe of the Italian Summer. Spending the days exploring beaches and the magic moment of having a drink with your best friends while enjoying the sunset.

I designed the trip with the aim to optimize the stops and see as much as possible. Staring from Salerno, we rented a car and we drove the all way up to Napoli.

There are other options to plan the trip. Partially by train, boat or bus. Having your own car gives you much more flexibility but you need to be very careful. Driving the Amalfi Coast it’s really challenging. The ways are super crowded and very narrow. So, prepare your self for being very patient and to avoid being in an array.

First stop Vietri. For ceramic lovers like me! If you are interested I could get you in touch with the best pottery workshops.

Short distance from Vietri is the cute little town of Cetara. This is not included in the usual itineraries and therefore less knows and crowded. There we had one of our best meals. The town is well known for the production of anchovies and a special product called Anchovies Oil, which is used to seasons dishes.

After lunch we drove to Ravello. This is already quite a famous spot. It is hidden above the hills and the road to get there is quite challenging. The town is super cute with amazing views over the sea and the surrounding mountains. Best thing you can do there is visiting the Villas and enjoy panoramic dinners.

Ravello is the starting point of the Ferriere hiking trail (see my article on hiking the Amalfi Coast). It is also a good base to explore Amalfi, Minori and Maiori. Staying in Ravello was perfect for us to spend the day at the beach in Amalfi and enjoy the typical atmosphere.

Amalfi is a very touristic spot but thanks to my research I found some gems not to be missed. It was such a great moment having lunch under the wine yards. Food on the Amalfi Coast it’s so tasty! Lemons are the symbol of Coast of the Sun. With my tips you will really get the best culinary experiences (see my article on the food of the Coast).

Minori is well known for being the town where the typical pasta Scialatielli was invented, so be sure to try it.