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Japanese cherry blossom season is known worldwide and it is considered to be the best time to travel to the country. But Japan is not only cherry blossom, it offers much more and there is something special for every time

Since Japan is becoming a very popular destination, I would like to give some tips that will help you plan your trip in order to avoid crowds and disappointment. First of all define your major interests. Do you like photography? You

When planning a trip to a new place, I first start to collect as much informations as possible in order to be able to have the best experiences, avoid crowds and disappointments. For my first time to Hokkaido I wanted the

Introduction to Japanese Food Culture Breakfast: Most hotels in the city serve a buffet breakfast where you will find Western and Asian specialties. In the Ryokans you will be served a Japanese breakfast (you can request a European breakfast). The traditional

I just came back from a fantastic new adventure in my favorite country. I discovered new places, met new people and had great experiences. I will tell you all about this in few moments, first I would like to concentrate

It is very tricky to organize a trip to Indonesia due to the size of the country and the remoteness of some islands. Unless you travel for 1 month is better to plan the itinerary in advance in order to get