Hi! I’m Alice
Your First Personal Travel Designer

My job is dedicated to everybody who loves to travel and wants to avoid usual touristic destinations.

  • Are you a very busy person with a very little time to do research?
  • Would you like a different holiday, but you still have no idea what your destination might be?
  • Are you an independent traveler who wants to avoid any constraint and needs help to find his freedom to travel?
  • Do you have special interests, do you want to find the best?
  • Do you love to travel alone, to experience something special every time?
  • Are you looking for a once in a lifetime vacation? 

I’m the right person for you, I’m Alice and I’ll be your first Personal Travel Designer

A passionate and insatiable traveler who organizes the most beautiful journeys for people

The Personal Travel Designer is not a retailer, not a tour operator, not an agency, but a specialist, a craftsman who creates unique, tailor-made travel experiences.

Not an intermediary

The Personal Travel Designer is not an intermediary, but uses their creativity, and creates personalized projects based on their experience. I DO NOT sell ready made package holidays.

No waste of time

Relying on your trusted Personal Travel Designer is the only way to avoid traveling to dangerous places, to experience unpleasant situations, to avoid any setbacks and to waste time looking for what to do and see.

Listening to your needs

Listening to your needs to understand your tastes, your fears, to know your habits allows the Personal Travel Designer to create a complete, rich and detailed travel project.

Why you should contact me for your next trip?

  • Because I personally know the places I propose, I have experienced them personally, I have traveled there, I know what are the best things to do and the ones to avoid, this means that you do not waste your time
  • Because I do have my direct contacts in the places I have traveled, local correspondents, I know how they work and how trustable they are
  • Because I never create the same trip. I listen to your needs and I transform them into customized solutions tailored to your personality
  • Because quality is important to me, I don’t leave anything to chance, every minute of your trip is organized down to the smallest detail, this means that you will be able to live the experience at fullest
  • Because I don’t want you to have usual commercial experience, I want you to  understand and live a place as much as locals does.


With my job as Personal Travel Designer, I will realize your personalized travel dream

I'm Alice