Something About Me and My Passion for Travel

I have been an avid traveler for over 10 years, I started in 2006 with my first long haul trip to California. It was booked through a travel agency and it was my graduation gift; something that changed and shaped my life.

I immediately realized that it was not the way I wanted to travel, I felt like a package being sent around the world.

From there I realized that I wanted to get to know the places myself, I wanted to come into contact with local people, I wanted to become a part of these places.  This is how my passion for organizing travel was born.

Every time I travel I want to experience something that is unique and which can’t be found in common catalogs.

I discovered places that sometimes are even not known to the locals and I traveled more then 80 countries.

I want to know how to live in the place I travel. How to communicate with people living there; where are the best places to stay? what to eat? what to see? how to behave? how to move?

I’m a hungry researcher.

In my travel experience, I gather hoards of information and ideas ahead of every trip, I create links and relationships with local people; trusted people. This allows me to create a tailor-made journey like you have never experienced before.

Today I have the opportunity to use my experience for you

You can rely on me as your first Personal Travel Designer. I’m like a TAILOR dedicated to the world of travel. I create the best experience totally tailored to your needs.

I REFINED my methodology over the years and today I can describe how I operate just with two words: NO STRESS and FREEDOM.

I’m your Personal Travel Designer and I realize your personalized travel dreams

About Me: Alice

I'm Alice and I'll be your first Personal Travel Designer .