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Why you shouldn’t always trust locals when you travel

I have been traveling a lot and despite the beauty of places and nature what really stays in my memory and in my heart is the kindness of local people. They can take you where you would never go by yourself and to places you would never expect. They could open their own homes for you just because for them it’s a honor to host a foreigner interested in their country and they want you to feel at home.

But how do you get there? How can you contact the right people? How can you go so deep to really experience a county like the majority of tourists cannot do?

Well, the answer is simple…just contact me! I have made the mistakes before you, I contacted the wrong people myself before I developed my network of fully trusted partners in the majority of countries. I know locals in person. I’m constantly in touch with them and I can promise you, you will be in safe hands.

There is a lot of work behind getting in touch with right contacts on the ground. Talking to people through correspondents and in person I got to know their reliability. If you get in touch with the right people before your trip you will also be able to enjoy it to the maximum because you already know you are in good hands.

It happened many times that I trusted the wrong people and I ended up in having some experiences that were not exactly what I expected. After so many years traveling I need something really out of the ordinary, something that no other tourist would do and I know I have to insist a lot before to get that. But this what makes the difference. Asking locals about experiences that nobody else did to get as much as possible closer to their culture.

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