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What did I like most about my trip to Lebanon? Conviviality. The Lebanese definitely love to eat, dance and party just like we Italians. A country so rich in history that it carries the weight of a warlike past that is still very evident. And so in the evening Beirut becomes the center of nightlife. Clubs, bars, restaurants for all tastes. An extremely lively city where young people show that they want to create, to move forward but not to forget. Our short trip to Lebanon made us meet wonderful people. And we discovered the passion for food of this people. With my recommendations you will surely discover flavors and dishes that will always remain in your memories. There is a very long list of Lebanese dishes. Consider that in Beirut there are many restaurants and bistros which are also very trendy and very expensive. So I tried to try the best in terms of quality / price ratio without ever neglecting the genuineness of the products. During the trip we then explored Byblos, the temple of Baalbek and the surrounding mountain area where we had the opportunity to try some local delicacies.