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Argentina is well known as the Land of Fires. Nevertheless the country has much more to offer. My intention was to go for about 2 weeks, therefore I had to plan well in advance what to do and see. But if you have more time you could plan this trip in a more relaxed way. I spend the majority of the time in searching a local contact who could give me some useful tips in order to make my journey not the usual touristic one.

I finally got in touch with a young and small company. They were just in the process of setting up the business by that time and I found their passion for travels and for the promotion of their country, very inspiring and motivating.

They helped me out in planning what I was looking for. A mix of self-drive and discovery with a local touch. They gave me that tips that made my journey not an ordinary one.

They personally picked us up at the airport in Buenos Aires and we were offered a local delicacy Alfajores (see my guide on Gourmet Argentina for details on food and drinks).

We stayed few days in BA. The town is huge, it take long time to move from one area to the other one and safeness it’s a big topic. We were told to leave our cameras and valuables items in the flat, where we had security at the entrance of the building.

I personally loved the town. It is a mix of colonial, European and modernity. Each suburbs is special in it’s own way. There is a great vibe. It is very common to see people dancing Tango or playing local music in the majority of the squares. People enjoy drinking, eating, seating in nice bars. It reminds me Italy for these aspects of social life.

The first day we were invited for dinner to our first original Asado. Since meat it’s a big thing in Argentina, every residential building has a common area on the roof top with BBQ facilities and swimming pool. We tried all meat cuts properly done Argentinian way. We also had our first approach to one of the best wines ever.

Our second stop was the Peninsula Valdes. This natural park is right on the Ocean and it’s home of the biggest Penguins colony. Amazing natural wander that we explored with our rental car.

Next, we flew into Ushuaia also known as the end of the world. Despite being an interesting town, there are a lot of activities to do in the surrounding natural parks. We cruised the Beagle Channel, we saw the lighthouse at the end of the world, we send a postcard from the southern most Post Office in the would, we hiked to the Esmeralda Lagoon and did kayaking in the lakes. Last but not least, we had our first and unforgettable Patagonian Lamb.

Our journey continues to El Calafate, the access point to the Perito Moreno Glacier. Still I think this is the most amazing Natural Wonder in the World.

This giant wall of ice in the middle of a turquoise lake was so impressive. During our visit the sun was shining and while we were hiking on the ice, we could see the bright blue colors of it. I will never forget the feeling I had and the adrenaline while wearing my crampons.

After the hike we decided to rest for a couple of days. We drove to the other side of the park and we found an Estancia (Farm). We participated to the activities and we had a great time with the hosts and the other people staying in there. Last night we had a memorable farewell. The local butcher prepared a Patagonian Lamb for us.

Last stop of our journey before heading back to BA, Iguazu waterfalls. The size of the fall it’s for sure very impressive. I think the visit to the falls it is something that needs to be on your bucket list, but I would recommend you to do a quick visit since the place it is really too touristic.

I wish I can go back soon.


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