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I would like to show you what the research means for me so that you can better understand the value of my work.

I collect as much information as I can and I crosscheck different sources in order to be sure to get what I’m looking for. Extraordinary experiences, something that no-one or very few people get to see or do.

Once the experience is identified, there are many other aspects to think about. Sometimes the choice of the country I would like to travel, comes after the experience I would like to do (for example one of my biggest dreams would be a Gorilla Trek, something that you can only do in 2 countries) then accommodations, the way you want to travel (car, train, plane, boat), food and culture.

I typically spend a lot of time studying the culinary aspects. I think that food can tell so much about the country you go to and the people.

I know I might sound old fashioned but I always travel with my note book full of information I collect before the trip starts. Sometimes I feel like I’m going on a mission! And the mission is not accomplished until I get to teste the full list of dishes. It can happen that what I’m looking for it is not available in restaurants or in markets because it can only be traditionally homemade. Because of this, being invited by locals in their houses for a special meal it is always my preference. I found the majority of my contacts in this way.

Sometimes when I can drive my self, I define the itinerary mostly based on the family run businesses (farms, shops, restaurants…). I have in my mind one specific trip that gave me the opportunity to discover an amazing country and its people. I specially remember this because of the flavours, the freshness of the ingredients used in their recipes and the way they enjoy food…which reminds me my home country! Turkey.

I got the opportunity to meet a new friend there. He is a great host. He house is in a remote part of Cappadocia, perfect staring point to explore the all region and his mother cooks amazingly!