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Alice helped me and my boyfriend to plan and arrange our first trip to India and we could’t have been in better hands. She listened carefully to us describing our interests, expectations, needs. She suggested the places to visit, where to stay, what to do. Thank to her we had some special experiences (ayurveda massage) that made our journey unforgettable. She connected us to local tour operator who arranged hotels, internal flights and train tickets, but she was always the main contact for us available 24/24.

She was extremely helpful when my boyfriend was bitten by a dog and he needed medical assistance; she was in touch with local contacts who called the doctor that gave him antirabic vaccination. Thanks to Alice I can still call our journey “Indian Honeymoon”.

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I wanted to visit Japan with my husband in the middle two weeks of August

I didn’t want to take a “standard package” trip as they offer you in the agency, but a personalized journey that would allow me to get to know Japan and its culture, which would give me the opportunity to get in touch with the locals

Absolutely yes. Every detail was perfectly organized, with advice on travel, what to see and what to eat (Alice had also prepared a personalized mini-guide with the main things to do !!). However, each stage always left us space and time to discover the place on our own.

Other priceless services: culinary advice; Alice’s on-site contacts that allowed us to stay in wonderful places, outside the standard itineraries proposed by the agencies; itinerary customization based also on the travel season (August is not the best month to visit Japan, but Alice has been able to offer us some beautiful alternatives to enjoy our holiday to the fullest). But what makes the real difference is the passion with which Alice organizes trips !!

Our trip to Japan will always remain an unforgettable memory thanks to Alice.


I turned to Alice for two consecutive years and with her I organized two wonderful trips, one in Cuba and one to India, in Rajastan.

Both times we only had 10 days holidays, so I asked Alice to organize an itinerary for me that included the main attractions of both destinations without to much stress.

I turned to Alice and not to an agency because she, besides having excellent contacts with local tour operators, has been there herself and experienced everything already. I know I can trust her blindly.

And then she has a lot of patience, both times I made her to change itineraries and the hotels and she has always came back to reaching my expectations 100%.


The first time I turned to Alice was on the trip to Bali on the advice of a friend. The agencies offered packages but I preferred more freedom, adapting the trip to my needs and not having to adapt to something ready for everyone.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t have known how to move around to organize everything myself, which would have taken much longer.

Alice never imposed herself, she was able to create a journey tailored to my needs. She is also very prepared to face every request because she herself has been in person and she is a very experienced traveler.

I remember that trip to Bali with great pleasure, exactly as I expected. So I contacted her again for my next two vacations to Greece and Indonesia again. She organized a beautiful tour so rich in experiences that I would never have been able to organize by myself.


Trip to Turkey

Alice’s knowledge of every aspect of this country was amazing and her passion for nature and the environment really came through.

Without her I couldn’t have such an amazing experience. She made it so unique.

I was very impressed of the arrangements (confirmation of tour, procurement of airline tickets and travel insurance) were made in such short order. The information on the tour provided was excellent.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Turkey.

Once again thank you so much for everything.

Mauro And Catalina

My wife and I like to have fun and interesting trips, a mix of relaxation, sport, adventure and nightlife.

We never thought of turning to a travel agency, but when I met Alice and she talked to me about her project with her enthusiasm we said: why not ask her for some advice.

As expected Alice gave us excellent advice and valuable local contacts, both for our trip to Myanmar and for the one in Bali. She quickly understood our spirit and our interests, and she found a way to guide our journey, letting us decide the routes … just like we do! In other words, turning to Alice was the best solution to organize trips in our own way but being sure to capture the beauties and secrets of the countries we visited.


With a group of friends, we were interested in visiting the most beautiful cities of Andalusia, even if in a short time.

Through a mutual friend we met Alice, who being passionate about traveling helped us to organize this experience.

The five days were planned down to the last detail and we were very satisfied. We didn’t have much time and the detailed program helped us a lot.

I am sure that for the next holiday we will again rely on her experiences as a traveler!